Who am I ?

Welcome to The Red Point Blog.

The blog is edited by Elodie Colin-Petit and brings together all of her publications on the themes of business long term development, through 5 main specialty areas :

-Marketing of content and influence, including lead generation through social media and physical networks;

-margin portfolio analysis and implemention of a pricing poly-strategy;

-digitalization and automation of the sales journey and customers’ experience;

-modeling of the company’s resources and value selling processes for the benefit of key account customers;

-Implementation of the Open Innovation process, involving the creation and commercialization of ranges of products and services tailored to customers’ needs and difficult to copy in the short term by competitors.

Elodie Colin-Petit has more than 15 years of practice in the world of international agri-food and packaging business development. Based in Paris, France, she has been head of key account customers for packaging and agriculture suppliers, responsible for major customers FMCG brands owners like AB-Inbev, Carlsberg, Diageo, General Mills, Haagen Dazs to quote a few. Since 2022, she is director of business development and commercial efficiency at Malteries Soufflet (N°2 global player in the malt industry with 28 plants in the world), part of the group Invivo (13 000 people, EUR 10 Md.)

Bathed in the sales of commodities products for years, she has always demonstrated that the creation of value is also possible for products of commodities, as soon as you are able to think and sales products considering it absolute whole value chain from raw material producer to FMCG end-consumers. Thus, she has been always part of value evangelists for each companies she represented, working to convince co-workers to think about value and to structure their organization and process accordingly.

In 2016, to even further in this business approach, she went to a 2-year advanced master degree in strategy and international business development at ESSEC Business School, to specialize in the restructuring of key account commercial organizations, the value creation and the business development of industrial products.

During the past years, Elodie has worked for leaders in her favorite fields such as Amcor (Australian world No. 1 in flexible packaging) or Invivo Group (French World leader in the field of agriculture). She has also worked for SME suppliers with fewer than 50 people.

She is the author of the professional thesis « How to avoid the price trap in B2B business » (ESSEC, 2018. Thesis direction by M. Raffaele Muscetta, Chief Procurement Officer at Bombardier Transport).

She is also Blog editor of the press review www.worldbeerandspirits.com , dedicated to a Beer & Spirits industrial professionals community she created.

She is B2B influencer with social network professional communities (Agriculture, Packaging, Brewing Industry and Spirits), with more than 10,000 followers on Linkedin and more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

She is also member of Club Essec Digital, Club Essec Développement Durable, Club Essec Agro-alimentary, the Association of Key Account Managers, and the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).